All the time, everywhere
Daily trips to and from work.

Early morning flight.

Exit to the club at night.

No matter where you go - you can always rely whith taxi2u.net, without prior reservation.

The simplest way to get from place to place
One tap and the car on its way directly to you.

You can sit back and relax-the driver knows exactly where to go.

And when you reach your destination, you can just go out.

The payment is the cheepest .

From low-cost to luxury
Affordable cars at affordable prices are available at all times.

On special occasions, just when you feel like it or when you need more space, you can simply order a luxury car.

4 people

7 people 

​You can order the taxi closest to you or the lowest bidder
Acceptance of travel rate assessment.

​​Every 25 drives
Refund of commission to customer,
Refund of driver fee.

​Whether it's business travel, daily commuting to or from work or traveling, it's easy to manage land transport.

​The transportation of employees and missions is efficient and cost effective.

​Call a taxi with an app.
Not waiting in line for a call center
Get customers with an app.

​Our smart technology enables an excellent user experience and will lead to the reduction of private vehicles, saving in parking spaces, reducing congestion on roads and reducing air pollution.

​Easy ordering through the app.

Comfortable and spacious cars
The seat is reserved.

​Drive directly to your destination
Savings on parking costs.
At an especially low price.

​The method creates satisfied customers and drivers.

Welcome to taxi2u.net

We always use only reliable and proven vehicle,

and our drivers have the highest qualifications.

  • Safety 

  • Services 

  • Best in class 
  • Guiding Principles 
  • ​Very cheap price
  • Refound to customer and driver every 25 drives